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Our History

SecuRite Systems, Inc. was founded in 1996 to provide the best possible security and low voltage services to both commercial and residential clients. SecuRite Systems, Inc. is dedicated to providing our clients with the potential services available based on the system design and customer needs. Equally important to a proper system design is a quality installation, followed by rock solid and dependable customer service, where the customer truly comes first. These attributes, along with our experienced design team that stays on the cutting edge of the ever changing technology in our industry, is what makes us the #1 Commercial Low Voltage Contracting Service Company in the Metro Atlanta Area. 


Our Product

The systems we offer are always based on the highest quality equipment that is available at the fairest price in our industry.

We focus on Intrusion and Fire Alarms, Home Theater, Video Surveillance, Access Control (Card Key and/or Card Access), Automated Vehicular Gates, Structural Phone and Data, and TV and/or Satellite Distrubution Systems.


Our Standard

SecuRite Systems, Inc. begins the process by consulting with our potential clients so that we understand both the need, as well as, the budget; therefore, incorporating both the need and budget restrictions into a workable solution in a custom system designed specific to your needs. Within our system design consultant staff, we have over 125 years of combined experience in solution oriented system design and installation. We offer our expertise in design services for free! You pay nothing, unless you hire us to partner with you. We hope you give us the opportunity to put "our standard" into action!


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